Moscow Police Opened A Museum For All Of The Weapons And Guns They’ve Confiscated Since 1946 And HOLY SHIT!

by 4 years ago

A new museum has opened up in Moscow, Russia and it’ll have guns enthusiasts worldwide traveling to The Third Rome to see what appears to be the most extensive collection of rare (and homemade) guns, cannons, and swords found anywhere in the world. Sure, there are military museums all across the globe but this one is quite unique.

According to, ‘a most famous Moscow criminal police office’ has unveiled their collection of confiscated guns and weapons dating all the way back to 1946. When I first came across these pictures over on Imgur (pics below) I didn’t expect this collection to be nearly as extensive as it is, or for it to have as many fucked up weapons as it does.

So let’s check out the goods, shall we?

Now there are A LOT MORE photos of the collection, which you can see by scrolling through that Imgur gallery above. But I know scrolling through Imgur galleries can be a pain the ass on mobile, so you can also see all of the photos over on!

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