According To 2,302 Women, These Are The Five Most Arousing Spots To Touch On A Woman’s Body

As I always do when I see something that might be of use when it comes to figuring out what women want I am here again today to share.

Today we are dealing with the world of sex. More specifically, we’re dealing with what women want when it comes to sex.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Skyn Condoms, who surveyed 2,302 women, we now which parts of their bodies they most like to have touched when getting romantic. (Until they change there minds, which will be, what, next week?)

Here are their top five choices, besides the most obvious, which I will let you figure out…

5. Stomach – Just 4%.
Shows how much I know. I always thought the stomach was a good place to start, you know, working.

4. Back – 6%.
Hmmm… they like to be touched on the back more than the stomach. Okay…

3. Butt – 15%.
Kind of surprised this is at number three, but again, what do I know about what women think?

4. Neck – 28%.
This is why I was kind of surprised. 28% saying neck is more than I would have expected.

And, drumroll please…

5. Breasts/Nipples – 35%.

So there you go. Good luck and be safe out there, bros.

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