Change Your First Name To Any One Of These If You Want To End Up Mad Rich

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What’s in a name? Apparently, the richest people in the world have many things in common, one of which being they all share the same names.

According to this Mobile Money infographic, there is a wealth of research around the impact a name can have on success. For example, research shows that people with more common names are more likely to get hired than those with rare names. So, in other words, more John and less Jecklyns get the gig.

Mobile Money analyzed male names in the US, Russia, China, Brazil, and Germany, as well as female names in Brazil, South Korea, Sweden, France, and Chile. Here are the names associated with the biggest bank accounts.

Ironically, the richest people aren’t named Rich, or dick for short, but there are more than a few Wangs.


Mobile Money