This Artist Is A Goddamn Genius, He Tricked A Bunch Of Idiots Into Thinking Money Is Art

In the grand scheme of things I guess I don’t really hate art, or artists, I just hate the chicanery that goes into masking corn-filled turds as expensive art. When it comes to art I don’t want some person selling snake oil to explain the myriad of reasons why their heaping pile of elephant dung is ‘art’, I prefer artistic pieces that I can look at know for certain that it is art, and I can see inherent value in those pieces. I actually come from a family of artists, my grandfather was a bronze sculptor who apprenticed other none other than Pablo Picasso himself, which might explain some of the reasons I think Modern Art is complete garbage.

I guess I’m not alone in thinking that Modern Art is farcical (or maybe I am), because ‘The Most Famous Artist‘, otherwise known as Matty Mo, is flipping art on its head and convincing galleries that STRAIGHT CASH is actually art.

Matty Mo sat down for an interview with our sister site,, which you can read in full by clicking here. In the interview he discusses why he’s using cash as ‘art’, and while I still think it’s bullshit I do see some logic in his reasoning:

If you buy a Rothko or you buy a Pollock, you don’t scrutinize how much paint or canvas or material was used to create that multi-million dollar painting. But, with cash, for whatever reason, humans want to investigate the material value of the cash inside the brick. What’s fascinating about this brick is, unlike any other art, if you were to break it open or I were not to become a famous artist, you still have the cash value there. Whereas if you buy a painting for 25 grand, and the artist vanishes or becomes irrelevant, you’re stuck with 200 bucks of materials. It’s a very bare minimum amount of currency that could be inside of one of these 100,000 dollar cash bricks; it’s 1,190 dollars.

Again, if you want to check out that interview in full with The Most Famous Artist you can follow that link and head on over to UPROXX!

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