The Most Flexible Woman In The World Could Make A Fortune In The Red Light District With These Talents

Julia Günthel, aka Zlata, is widely considered to be the most flexible woman in the world. With connective tissue as flexible as a newborn baby, Zlata is able to contort her body into a pretzel so small it fits inside a fish tank.

Now I’m not suggesting that Zlata should take a job in a red light district throughout the world, but if she did then she would make an absolute fortune putting her bendy-twisty talents to use.

Here’s Zlata (Julia Günthel) giving a yoga lesson last year. Watch this video then meet me on the other side:

BuzzFeed reports that the 31-year-old (former) circus freak discovered her talents at the age of 4, at age 10 she went off to circus school, and by age 10 she was making a living way bending her body in ways people like you and I cannot even begin to imagine.

Zlata’s own website provides a little more insight to her background and subsequent life as a contortionist:

Julia Günthel (formerly Akmaletdinova) is a Russian contortion artist, actress and currently three times Guinnesworld record keeper. He was born on 20.10.1984 in Kzyl-Orda, grew up in Tatarstan. Attention achieve their bodily skills in kindergarten. At the age of four, she starts out as a gymnast, with eight calls a circus school after moving girl. At the age of ten she is the first time on stage as a contortionist, as a contortionist. Moved at age 16 after Germany, currently living in Leipzig.

The slim and flexible body of the 176-foot tall artist seems unique in the world. Only Zlata can occupy both front- and backbend- extreme positions and celebrate the incredible 270- degree balancing act. The Discovery Channel in the US, they named the “most agile woman in the world”.

Her website also offers up a whole host of videos where she’s bending and arching and folding in ways that drive a grown man insane:

Here’s Zlata on the Discovery Channel back in 2012:

And here’s Zlata on the red carpet causing an unnecessary amount of tuxedo boners:

I think just watching this part of that video made my back begin to ache:

via YouTube

So now that we’ve established that she’s the most bendy and stretchy human being alive, if one of you bros wants to create a petition to have her spend a month each year in Vegas or Amsterdam I’ll gladly add my signature to it.

Also, if you all didn’t catch the GIF I made last week of my own freakishly bendy hand you should really do so by clicking HERE.

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