These Are The 15 Most Hungover Cities In America And I Didn’t Even Know #2 Is A Place In The U.S.

Do we really need to know which are the most hungover cities in the United States? No, we do not. There’s no practical use for that knowledge whatsoever. But I’m still curious as fuck as to what the most hungover cities in America are, because I’ve been suffering from debilitating hangovers for the past few years any time I drink a lot of Bourbon and I want to know that I’m not alone in the world. Thankfully for me the fine folks over at Business Insider put together a quasi elaborate index using five key sets of data to come up with the ‘Business Insider Hangover Index‘, and from that they ranked the most hungover cities in the United States.

BI actually ranked the top 25, but I’ve only included the top 15 here because I didn’t want to jack their post, so if you want to see #’s 16-25 follow the links below (or above):

15.) Bellingham, Washington
Business Insider Hangover Score: 49.8
7.99% admitted to heavy drinking
19.65% admitted to binge drinking
13.6 bars per 100,000 people

14.) Worcester, Massachusetts
Business Insider Hangover Score: 45.6
7.41% admitted to heavy drinking
19.61% admitted to binge drinking
16.3 bars per 100,000 people

13.) San Francisco, California
Business Insider Hangover Score: 44.6
7.70% admitted to heavy drinking
20.85% admitted to binge drinking
14.9 bars per 100,000 people

12.) Springfield, Massachusetts
Business Insider Hangover Score: 44.4
7.98% admitted to heavy drinking
19.52% admitted to binge drinking
20.4 bars per 100,000 people

11.) Duluth, Minnesota
Business Insider Hangover Score: 43.2

10.) Scranton, Pennsylvania
Business Insider Hangover Score: 43

9.) Milwaukee, Minnesota
Business Insider Hangover Score: 42.8

8.) Salisbury, Maryland
Business Insider Hangover Score: 42.2

7.) Denver, Colorado
Business Insider Hangover Score: 37.6

6.) Missoula, Montana
Business Insider Hangover Score: 34

5.) Great Falls, Montana
Business Insider Hangover Score: 28.2
9.95% admitted to heavy drinking
19.99% admitted to binge drinking
59.5 bars per 100,000 people

4.) Burlington, Vermont
Business Insider Hangover Score: 26.2
8.43% admitted to heavy drinking
23.53% admitted to binge drinking
14.4 bars per 100,000 people

3.) Manhattan, Kansas
Business Insider Hangover Score: 25
8.66% admitted to heavy drinking
23.42% admitted to binge drinking
19.3 bars per 100,000 people

2.) Billings, Montana
Business Insider Hangover Score: 23.4
9.09% admitted to heavy drinking
22.52% admitted to binge drinking
41.2 bars per 100,000 people

1.) Lawrence, Kansas
Business Insider Hangover Score: 16.4
8.61% admitted to heavy drinking
25.92% admitted to binge drinking
28.7 bars per 100,000 people


First up, apologies to you bros from Billings, Montana for me calling the city out in my headline. I’ve never been to Montana, and while I’m pretty knowledgeable on all-things-geography, I’ll admit that I’m not really fresh on my cities of Montana these days. If I had to name all the cities I know in Montana the list would not include Billings (but now it will). I didn’t meant to poopoo your town, I just haven’t been fortunate enough to come visit yet. Secondly, the top 4 places all have one thing in common: basically the only things to do in those cities are eat, drink, fish, and hunt.

Switching gears a little I gotta get something off my chest…with as hungover as I’ve been every morning since Christmas I’m SHOCKED that my hometown didn’t make the top 15. Waking up the past few weeks and feeling like absolute death has me convinced that Sarasota, Florida at least earns an honorable mention on this list because nobody alive has been feeling hangovers as severely as I have. We can go back even further than Christmas, to my last night getting hammered in NYC with my fellow BroBible editors (before moving to FL) and you can see that I’ve been completely incapacitated as of late:

So #26: Sarasota, Florida.