These Are The 15 Most Hungover Cities In America And I Didn’t Even Know #2 Is A Place In The U.S.

by 2 years ago

Do we really need to know which are the most hungover cities in the United States? No, we do not. There’s no practical use for that knowledge whatsoever. But I’m still curious as fuck as to what the most hungover cities in America are, because I’ve been suffering from debilitating hangovers for the past few years any time I drink a lot of Bourbon and I want to know that I’m not alone in the world. Thankfully for me the fine folks over at Business Insider put together a quasi elaborate index using five key sets of data to come up with the ‘Business Insider Hangover Index‘, and from that they ranked the most hungover cities in the United States.

BI actually ranked the top 25, but I’ve only included the top 15 here because I didn’t want to jack their post, so if you want to see #’s 16-25 follow the links below (or above):

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