The Most Popular Street Name In America Is Stupid

Because of America’s Puritan inclinations, our country’s road names are stupid. I’m working right now on Broadway. I live on Washington Avenue. My old office was on M Street and I used to have an apartment on 9th.

Those are all fucking stupid. Why not inject a liitle fun into our lives? Why don’t I travel down Lightning Fucking Path and make a left at Knife Dick Street, before pulling up to a house on Horse Death Highway.

That’s some cool ass street naming. But not here in America. Not a chance.

A new study by The Washington Post looked at every one of those boring streets name in America to reveal the depth of our insipidness. It’s really bad. What is the most popular?


Fuck that. In Texas and California and South Carolina and a bunch of other states, Park is the most popular. In fact, almost ten thousand streets in the U.S. are called Park, which is redundant, confusing and uninspired.

Coincidentally, the second most popular street name is ‘Second.’ That’s kind of neat. What are the others in the top ten?

3. Oak
4. First
5. Third
6. Maple
7. Pine
8. 4th
9. Cedar
10. Main

Pretty disappointing showing by Main there.  Also, how is Five so far behind? Doesn’t any place that has enough streets to use numbers include Five? Guess not.

Check out the whole post here, and see a chart of which road name in your state is used the most. Spoiler: It is not Cocaine Avenue. Nope. It is probably Park.