Here’s The Most Popular Super Bowl Snack In Each State And Maryland Has Got It ALL Figured Out

Super Bowl Sunday may be about football (and commercials), but it’s also all about the snacks, baby. You know when you sit down for the what, 18 hours of coverage of Super Bowl 50 this Sunday you’ll spend about half that time jamming some grub into your piehole.

So what snacks are you going to be hammering down this Sunday? According to Google and based on this map they created if you live in certain states there is a good chance we already know.

Based on Google’s most searched snacks by state if you live in the east a lot of you are going to be sucking down some buffalo chicken dip. While if you live in one of the big states of Texas and California you might find yourself grubbing on some 7-layer dip. As for Wisconsin, it appears they stand alone in their love of chili dip. (Interesting. I would have bet money on it being cheese-related.)

Here’s what the rest of the states like to snack on the most…

H/T Huffington Post; Buffalo wings image by Shutterstock

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