Is This Chinese Laundry Detergent Commercial The Most Racist Video Ever? Probably.

I’ve addressed this before, but I really don’t consider myself the go-to guy when it comes to determining whether or not something is racist. However, there are some thing that pretty much anyone can accept at face value. Like this commercial for a Chinese laundry detergent where they literally wash the black off of a black man to make him Chinese.

People got paid to make this. And it made it onto both the Internet as well as (I’m assuming) television. There’s also no way the people who made this commercial were completely honest with the black actor. “Yeah, she’ll shove you into the washer and you’ll come out…squeaky clean.” How about the woman putting the detergent pod in the guy’s mouth? So, I guess, black people are filthy from the inside out? That has to be the most racist thing I have ever seen implied, no doubt about it. What are these people trying to say? That black people are really just people who have uncleansed souls and just need to be cleaned? That’s so racist I would consider it transcendently racist. Like that’s racist on a level I never even knew existed. No word yet on whether or not the creators of this commercial honestly consider Chinese people to be the Master Race, but they probably do.

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