Here Are The Most Unfaithful Cities In The World Based On The Ashley Madison Hack

You didn’t think people were done breaking down all this golden data that is the Ashley Madison hack, did you? Oh hell, no. There’s way too much interesting information to not delve into it as deeply as possible. If you’re one of the victims of the hack it certainly sucks for you, but it’s so much fun for the rest of us.

Earlier today we showed you a breakdown of which states in America had the most Ashley Madison users and good on you, West Virginia.

But it’s time to get even more specific as now we give you the top 25 cities in the entire world with the most unfaithful people residing in them.

A little caveat though. A month ago it was reported that Ottawa was the number one city in Canada for philanderers at a whopping 189,810 of their 883,000 residents reportedly being members of Ashley Madison. Yet for some reason Ottawa doesn’t appear on this list brought to our attention by the Times of India.

That being said, jeezus, the people of São Paulo, Brazil appear to have a real hankering for some strange…

Then again, by my unscientific estimate, 1 out of every 3 people in Brazil is a model, so can you really blame them?

H/T Times of India; Handsome couple image by Shutterstock