Man With Face Tattoo Just Took The Most WTF Mug Shot Of 2016, Is A Living Skeleton

Jacob Pauda from Lubbock, Texas was indicted by a grand jury for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, he’s been charged with ‘aggravated assault with a deadly weapon’ and taken into custody. Jacob was arrested for attacking his pregnant girlfriend with a ‘large butcher knife’ after reportedly getting geeked up on cocaine, and upon being taken into custody his mug shot was taken, as is the norm with every arrest.

The difference here is that Jacob Pauda has complete face tattoos that leaves him looking like a cross between a living skeleton and a mummy, and for the last 15 minutes I’ve been debating whether this criminal looks more like the Karate Kid villains from the Kobra Kai Dojo, the ones that wore the face paint on Halloween, or Papa Shango, the former pro wrestler who has since retired from the WWE. So let’s take a look at the most WTF mug shot of 2016 and you bros can be the judge:

I invite each and every one of you bros to vote in my Twitter poll to help settle the argument of who this mugshot looks most similar to: Papa Shango or the kids from the Cobra Kai Dogo in the Karate Kid:

As for the repugnant (alleged) details of Jacob Pauda’s indictment, you can click on over to Texas’ KTRE for a full run down of that, if you’re still interested.

[ABC7 via KTRE]

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