This $125 Burger Weighs 14 Pounds And Comes With A Hacksaw To Cut It, So The Diet Starts Next Monday

The Burger and Beer Joint in Miami offers a monster meat sandwich called “The Mother Burger” that clocks in at 14 pounds and $125.

From the B&B Joint site:

“A ginormous beast the size of a manhole cover and sandwiched in a bun that resembles a couch cushion! Order one for the table or finish it yourself within 2 hours and it’s free! Serious eaters need only apply…

10 lbs of Premium Black Angus beef, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle

Add your choice of cheese, 2 toppings, and one sauce for $150

*Please call ahead to reserve your order at the location of your choice*”

Finish in 2 hours by yourself, get it free? No sweat! Except for the inevitable meat sweats you’ll get about a quarter of the way through that bad boy.

I’ve finished “The Tsunami” burrito at a couple Surf Taco restaurants in 15 minutes or less, got my pic on the wall. Just had the Kitchen Sink burrito at Sam’s No. 3 in Denver. When the waitress came to clear my plate, she audibly gasped. Like, did I forget to serve him? Did I bring him an empty plate? Where exactly is that burrito going right now? What’s inside you? Are you a cow? Do you have seven stomachs?

That burrito was legit the only thing I ate that day. This Motherburger from B&B Joint would be the only thing I’d eat for a week… unless my fiancee gets frisky.


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