Dying Mother Battling Cancer Gets Final Wish To Dance With Her Son At Wedding

Mary Ann Manning fought against her breast cancer for three difficult years, just long enough to see her son Ryan get married. Despite being confined to wheelchair and severely weakened by the horrible disease, it would not stop the 61-year-old woman from attending her son’s wedding on Sept. 5. “She wanted to get to this wedding. She didn’t care how she had to do it, whether that meant pumping more chemo in her body, whatever,” daughter Kristie Manning said. May Ann showed tremendous strength by making her way to the wedding and having one last dance with Ryan. The mother and son shared an emotional dance to the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Ryan Manning shared his thoughts on the touching moment:

“I think that everybody kind of realized what they were seeing and what they were seeing was an incredibly strong woman doing a magnificent thing. A miracle,”

Sadly, Mary Ann passed away three days after her son’s wedding.

Kristie enshrines that one last amazing dance:

“To have this moment to cherish and to relive through the video, we’re so happy,”