Japan’s Largest Volcano Just Erupted. Is It Time To Panic, Bros?


Russian Times

If you are currently in the general vicinity of Japan’s Mount Aso, which is erupting as we speak, yes, it is time to panic. But in a measured way.

In terms of a larger, is this a harbinger of the end times sense, unfortunately not. This does not seem to be the first in a series of volcanic eruptions that will cover the sky with ash, block out the sun, destroy crops for decades, and cripple human progress for centuries.

Kinda a bummer.

But Mount Aso is Japan’s biggest volcano, and its eruption is sending plumes of smoke two kilometers into the sky. So that’s neat.

Aso is a popular hiking spot on the island of Kyushu, in southern Japan, but as of now no casualties have been reported.

Watch it go boom below.