Move Over Pappy! Michter’s Now Makes The World’s Rarest Bourbon

First and foremost is our infatuation with Pappy Van Winkle, the high-end bourbon that does a yearly, limited release. 

Then, there was news that many bourbon makers are looking to add longer aged versions (read: higher prices) of their flagship brands. 

And now this. Michter's (their rye is excellent, by the way), has a 30-year aged bottle that retails for $4,000.

A new whiskey created in Kentucky features a blend of age and scarcity that spiked demand – and its price. As a result, whiskey fans including celebrities and corporate chiefs are angling to snatch up limited stocks of Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey for nearly $4,000 per bottle. Shots won’t come cheap, either, fetching an expected $350 a pop.

Good luck getting it. They only made 273 bottles. And it's pretty much already sold out. Still, I fucking want it. There will only be more bottles I can't have, though. The success of this Michter's release is expected to bring more and more high-end bourbon to the market, which us plebians won't ever be able to afford.

“This is kind of new territory,” said industry observer F. Paul Pacult, editor of the newsletter Spirit Journal. “It’s going to start a whole rush of interest in very high-end bourbons, American whiskeys and American spirits. This kind of throws the challenge out.”

Rich people. They have it so much better. 

[Via The Spokesman Review]