This Teen Looks EXACTLY Like Mr. Bean And I’m Not Sure If That’s Good Or Bad



One time, on the BroBible podcast, we discuss those walking among us who resemble celebs and whether or not to use that resemblance to gain benefit. Basically, if you looked like Drake, would you exploit the fact to gain access to places and people or would you be an account who constantly had to tell people “I ain’t Drake.”

This teen, who’s a dead ringer for Mr. Bean, is in an odd situation. He looks remarkable like the comedy icon but does looking like Mr. Bean get a guy into exclusive clubs or elicit introductions to gorgeous women? Especially since not everyone knows the legend that’s Mr. Bean. He’s hilarious, go YouTube the hell out of him. Or does he just go about his life and randomly appear online here and there when people snap pics like “oh shit look, it’s Mr. Bean!”

So basically it comes to this — to Bean or not to Bean. That is the question.

[via Some eCards]