MSNBC Can’t Stop Comparing Donald Trump’s Vermont Rally To A Phish Show

by 3 years ago

If there’s one thing the great heady state of Vermont loves more than maple syrup and ice cream, it’s Phish shows. The raddest jam band in the land was formed at UVM in 1983 and, in many ways, the state remains the band’s spiritual home. So when Donald Trump’s circus came to town at the Flynn Center (where Phish has played more than 5 times), the ensuing chaos was instantly compared by the mainstream media to a Phish show. Because… Vermont.

According to the Burlington Free Press, Trump’s campaign distributed over 20,000 tickets to the event, even though the Flynn Center only holds 1500 – 2000 people. This caused a massive pandemonium from authorities about heads with Donald Trump ticket stubs in their hand who couldn’t physically get into the venue.

Burlington’s police chief said that if Phish did such a thing, they’d shut it down. Because, duh, public safety:

Meanwhile, the patchouli-soaked, Birkenstock-wearing liberals at MSNBC are having a field day, incorporating Phish references into segments about Trump’s rally deep in the heart of Bernie Sanders territory. This morning someone at the network who read the fucking book weaved the “Braindead… And made of money!” part of “AC/DC Bag” into their Vermont follow-up on Trump. And last night this incredible bumper appeared:

It’s pretty clear that MSNBC thinks Trump is Wilson.

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