Mustang Driver Knocks A Motorcyclist Off His Bike For Acting Like A D-Bag

I believe the phrase is ‘you should never bring a knife to a gun fight’, and in this instance the man riding the motorcycle forgot that he was in fact riding on a flimsy motorcycle, and someone in a car could easily take him out in a matter of seconds. The person filming this clip was just ‘trying to deliver some calzones’, and when he saw shit going down he began to pursue with his dashboard camera on:

The vast majority of motorcyclists are great drivers, just as the vast majority of people behind the wheels of cars are good drivers, but it’s the bad apples that always seem to stand out. The ones we remember are those stupid assholes riding their motorcycles up and down the avenues of Manhattan, cutting cars off left and right. Or surrounding cars on NYC’s FDR just because they think it’s funny (this has actually happened to me while driving on the FDR). These are the ones that have caused me to disdain the vast majority of motorcyclists, and while I hope that dude on his bike didn’t get injured (he clearly didn’t because he popped right up) I’m also a little jelly of that driver for being able to pull that maneuver off.

Here’s that action shot once more:

UPDATE: Thus far a few of you morons seem to have accused me of encouraging/promoting attempted murder. If this is what you gleaned from this post you’re an absolute moron and you should quit the Internet forever. I don’t condone or promote violence of any sort, and I find it sad that everyone angry about this seems to be wearing blinders and fails to recognize that both parties involved were acting hostile.

Supposedly, before the camera began rolling the mustang driver cut off the driver of the white car that pulls up at the end but I can neither confirm nor deny that. What I can confirm is that someone would have to be a complete moron to try and fuck with a car while riding a motorcycle, that’s just terrible decision making skills in action.

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