Would You Eat This ‘My Little Pony’ Burger Made From Real Horse Meat?

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I’m still not completely certain of what My Little Pony even is. I don’t know if it’s a video game, tv show, sex cult, collection of kid’s toys, or all the above. So when I first heard about this My Little Pony burger made from actual horse meat I wasn’t sure if this is something bronies are into, if it’s a burger poking fun at bronies, or if this is just one gigantic publicity stunt.

Whatever the case may be, I wanted to bring this horse meat MLP burger, made from the meat of aging horses who used to work at a local amusement park, to the attention of everyone around here, via Fox News:

The offbeat food truck Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier, which translates to “The Unwanted Animal Kitchen,” now supplies its “My Little Pony Burger” year round to Babbe Hengeveld, a chef who runs her own restaurant Food Guerilla, reports Vice Munchies.
Keuken van het Ongewenst Die has been serving the burger periodically for years and the patty itself is made from the meat of butchered, aging horses that have worked at a local amusement park, Slagharen.
The idea behind the unusual protein is to ensure that the meat from older horses isn’t wasted when the animals are put down.
The menu at Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier is dependent on seasonal food waste so items fluctuate based on the incoming meats and available ingredients. But there’s usually plenty of horse meat to keep the “My Little Pony” burgers on the menu.

Am I wrong for having absolutely zero interest in ever eating horse? I’m taking a trip to Iceland soon (I know, Iceland in January, only I would be dumb enough to do that), and last weekend I was talking with a friend who visited the land of elves over the Summer and said he found horse meat served at nearly every restaurant he went to, and he said it was delicious.

Maybe it’s because I grew up around horses (my mother had one), and my parents sent me to equestrian camp for a few Summers in middle school (yes, I know, there’s nothing less bro than equestrian camp but I was a kid and my parents wanted to send me to that camp), but I can’t fucking fathom eating horse meat. It just seems wrong.

I put together this Twitter poll just now to see gauge how many of you bros are cool with eating horse meat, so feel free to answer (and follow me on Twitter @casspa):

(h/t FoxNews)

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