Naked Woman Dancing With Cop At Police Station Sparks Investigation Into ‘Orgies’

Apparently the police in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay are living the life. At least according to this news report and photo of one of the officers dancing with a naked woman inside the precinct.

According to the Mirror

This picture supposedly showing a policeman frolicking with a nude woman at a police station has sparked a force-wide investigation in Paraguay.

The detective was snapped with his own shirt pulled up over his midriff in a picture published in national newspaper Chronica.

It was first posted online with the caption: “I’m making this public because this sort of thing is always happening at this police station and I’m sick of it.”

The source, who is said to be another police officer, reportedly told the newspaper: “There are orgies, prostitutes, strippers, and worse. It has to stop.”

Stunning, right? But the most stunning part might be not that the cop, identified as detective Freddy Ortego, was dancing with a naked woman right in their offices, but the fact that you can see people watching the whole escapade taking place through the windows! Perhaps these aren’t Paraguay’s smartest policemen.

The party was reportedly being thrown because they met their statistics regarding drug busts. An investigation has been launched to see “how this happened in a police station” and whether it was “a single incident or part of a pattern of behaviour,” according to the Mirror.

H/T Death and Taxes; Policewoman image by Shutterstock