According This Rock-Solid Study, These Are The Names Of The People Who Make The Best Wives And Husbands

According to a study that I have no doubt is 100% reliable, here are the names of people who make the best wives and husbands. Fingers crossed my name is on the list!

In a survey of 2,000 people, determined which common first names people believed would make the best partners based on their experiences with those they know.

“Every time we hear mention of a name we naturally associate particular values or impressions based on our past experiences,” a spokeman for the site said.

“It seems certain names tend to crop up more than others when thinking about the qualities of a good husband or wife and the lists no doubt make interesting reading to many.”

So, are you ready to see who made the cut and therefore should be someone you need to be hitting up in their DMs ASAP?

Alright then. For all the bros out there, here’s your top 10…

1. Katie
2. Sophie
3. Louise
4. Sarah
5. Emily
6. Charlotte
7. Elizabeth
8. Amy
9. Jessica
10. Lucy

For the lady-bros who happen to be reading this, if for no other reason than to see if your name made the list, here are the male names that scored the highest…

1. David
2. Andrew
3. Daniel
4. Paul
5. John
6. William
7. Simon
8. James
9. Chris
10. Stephen

So did you make the list? Do you know someone who did?

Oh, and heads-up all of the Katies I know, expect a text or DM from me any day now.

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