NASA’s Kepler Twitter Account Got Hacked, Tweeted Out A Pretty Sexy Anonymous Butt Pic



On Wednesday morning, NASA’s Kepler Twitter account was hacked by what looks like some kind of porn bot, and it became more like NASSA, if you catch my drift…

nasa hack

The picture also appeared on NASA’s website, which pulls from its Twitter feed.

nasa hack 2

The account is usually reserved for providing updates about the Kepler mission, which seeks to survey the Milky Way Galaxy, looking for planets with similar conditions to Earth that are perhaps inhabitable. Safe to say the telescope saw a full moon Wednesday … buh dum chhh, and I’ll show myself out(er space). K, bye.

Sometime after the hack, NASA removed the butt image and apologized to the some 500,000 plus followers.

Might want to consider a password change, NASA. Or not, if you gained some more followers as a result of this. Pick and choose your battles, I guess.

[h/t Gizmodo]


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