Hell Yea We Just Started The Biggest Fire In Space Ever

Last March, we reported that NASA was going to set something on fire in space, with the goal of making the biggest fire space has ever seen.

(Also the goal of learning how fire behaves in space, but whatever.)

Saffire was an unmanned module that after delivering cargo to the International Space Station was going to be jettisoned and then exploded.

And it went down yesterday.

For the experiment, NASA sparked a 16″x 37″ piece of fiberglass aboard the module, surpassing the largest previous fire in space, which, according to Engadget, had been the size of an index card.

Suck it little tiny fire. Today, we are heroes. For we have made the biggest fire space has ever seen. Of course, space can normally handle burning hot balls of plasma a trillion times larger than what we did, so we are also bitch tits.

NASA is still waiting to receive the data from the fire, but the results are expected to help improve fire safety aboard future spacecraft.

And confirm our status as space gods.

[Via Engadget]

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