NASA Tested A Rocket That Generates 3.6 Million Pounds Of Thrust, Which Is Just How Your Mom Likes It


Ostensibly, NASA’s new Space Launch System, which was tested today, is designed to send men to Mars. But we all know the truth. The SLS is here to give it to your mom good.

It’s the most powerful rocket NASA has ever designed, which is perfect, because your mom doesn’t have time for any weak shit.

The Space Launch System is 177 feet long, every single inch expertly crafted for the express purpose of making your mom come.

“I am very happy,” Alex Priskos, manager of NASA’s SLS Boosters Office, said about the test. “This thing was about as perfect as it could be.”

Funny. Your mom said the same thing.

Here, you can watch video of the engine firing for the first time, but why would you? It’ll just make you think about how turned on your mom is.

The rocket is expected to have the range to reach the Orion asteroid, Mars, and your mother’s G-Spot.

[Priskos quote via The Washington Post]