Widow’s Attempt to Bury Husband in NASCAR-Themed Headstone Shaped Like a Couch Isn’t Going So Well

But that’s not always the case. See this bizarre story out of Indiana for proof.

A woman who wanted to honor her late husband with a headstone that captured his interests in sports and the outdoors is suing a Catholic church for refusing to install it.

Shannon Carr spent $9,600 on the black granite headstone to mark the grave of her husband, Jason Carr, who died in an August 2009 automobile accident. The headstone is shaped like a couch and features images of a deer, a dog and color logos of NASCAR and the Indianapolis Colts.

The Rev. Jonathan Meyer, priest at St. Joseph Catholic Church, notified the monument maker that the headstone didn't meet the cemetery's standards and couldn't be placed in the church's century-old graveyard, The Republic reported. But Carr says in her lawsuit that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis Properties Inc., which owns the cemetery, never produced any regulations for the plot until more than a year after she tried to have the headstone installed in 2010.

I am not sure which aspect of this story is the saddest but do know it’s not the part about a guy dying – which is pretty weird.

After reading that, I couldn’t help but wonder which four items I’d put on a customized casket if I were so inclined. After careful consideration, I came up with: A baseball, a Smashing Pumpkins sticker, a XXX sticker to denote porn and Calvin pissing on all the logos because that’s just good humor.

What about you?

[H/T: Fox News]