Holy Crap, You Have To Visit The National Poo Museum That Just Opened

poop exhibition at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Tokyo, Japan

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Photo by Keith Tsuji / Getty Images

I went to the Museum of Sex in NYC a while back and I learned a lot. I learned that porn’s been around for a while, dudes in the 1800s could still sport serious dongs and the animal kingdom is way more sexually adventurous and disturbing than what us humans have to offer. I bring that up because I think I can handle seeing all the exhibits England’s National Poo Museum has to offer. Smelling the artifacts would be a completely different story.

This video – which must be like porn for fecophiliacs – comes from the New York Post with the title, “This museum is literally full of shit”. I don’t know how anyone can pass on clicking that…

Here’s the video’s description:

“The National Poo Museum features a variety of animal and human feces displayed in resin spheres for the public’s viewing pleasure. The museum is a joint event between the Eccleston George artist collective and the Isle of Wight Zoo in England.”

One of my favorite jokes: Fecophilia? F*ck that shit!

To be honest, poop particles were the reason I cut off my beard. Can’t have women trying to sit on my face for the wrong reason.

I’ve had a very interesting array of dookie exit my body – from the straight jet black I was pumping out after 2 straight weeks of binge drinking to close out my college career to the beautiful brown baby that angrily ripped through me after my knee surgery that no amount of painkillers could subdue. I’ve taken pics and texted them to friends. So, I get this museum is long overdue. I’m hoping it has a hall or wing dedicated to the worst places you can poop.

And, on a related note, I fully endorse the Squatty Potty. Treat yo self and maybe you can sell yours for $40 a dump like this guy.

Via New York Post