Here Are The Definitive Rankings Of The Worst Places To Have To Take A Poop

Ah, pooping. We all do it. Even Donald Trump’s wife, despite that he says.

Usually it’s a nice few moments of respite from the stress and chaos of the rest of the world we live in daily. I treasure those moments when I am alone with my thoughts on the throne or playing a game on my phone. It’s like a little mini-vacation.

However, that’s only when I am pooping in a place of my choosing like at home or at some relative’s house where I can ruin the room for anyone who enters after I’ve finished my constitutional.

Taking a dump somewhere that you don’t really want to though? That’s not fun. Or relaxing. In fact it can be downright terrifying. But hey, we’ve all been there, forced to choose between shitting our pants or sucking it up and using the only available option.

These are some of those places, courtesy of the fine folks over at Mandatory

Man sitting on toilet image by Shutterstock

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