Nation’s Oldest Veteran Smokes Cigars, Takes Whiskey with Morning Coffee, Is Awesome$swfw$bimPlayerPageUrl

Richard Overton, believed to be the oldest living United States veteran at 107, accepted a box of cigars and a standing ovation Thursday with a humble demeanor and a beaming smile.

More than 100 people packed a conference room at the Stephen F. Austin building in downtown Austin to attend a pre-Veterans Day ceremony in Austin honoring Overton. “I've gotten so many letters and so many thank yous and I enjoy every bit of it, but I'm still going to enjoy some more,” [he] said.


Of course, it's not all honors and booze for Overton. In May, he shared this more depressing tidbit of elderly life: “I know I had someone from my platoon until recently, but he passed so now I don’t have anyone that I know. ‘So I feel lonesome by myself sometimes. I would love to ask some of them some questions, but nobody is here. Everybody’s passed.” To which we salute Richard, for serving his country and surviving long enough to tell us about it. And yeah, for the whiskey advice.