This 1st Person Footage Of The Navy Leap Frogs Parachuting Into A Graduation Is Wild

U.S. Navy Parachute team “The Leap Frogs” sent the graduates of The Naval Academy Preparatory School on their ways last Friday with an epic jump into their graduation ceremony being held in the school’s stadium in Newport, Rhode Island. Luckily, one of the SEALs, Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Timmy Holland, brought a GoPro along for the jump. The wild footage he captured is awe inspiring to say the least.

(***If you are watching with headphones, it’s advisable to turn your volume down. Jumping out of an airplane is not a quiet activity. Also, do yourself a favor and watch it with the HD option on.***)

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say you won’t get a better view of the beautiful Rhode Island coast anywhere else for free. As always, the Navy Leap Frogs were flawless in their jump execution. But what else would you expect from the best in the world?

I’d also like to acknowledge Parachute Rigger 1st Class Victor Maldonado – the man carrying the American flag in the picture at the top, seen at the end of the video. I met Vic and another Leap Frog out of the blue when their jump into the Army/Navy game in Philadelphia was cancelled due to hectic weather a few years back, and I must say, it was an honor to share a beer with him; truly a professional and “first class” in every way possible.

Great jump, Frogs. Hooyah!

And best wishes to the 2015 graduating class of Naval Prep. An enormous, preemptive thank you for your service, future Midshipmen.

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