Navy SEAL Rescue of Captain Phillips Gets Messy Revision

The story went that three Navy SEAL snipers fired on the lifeboat Captain Phillips was on and took out all three Somalis in a split-second. Now, it's being reported that the shots fired were much higher. 

Attorney Philip L. Weinstein, who represented the surviving pirate later prosecuted in federal court, said his legal team had an expert examine photographs the government provided of the dead Somalis. The expert estimated about 19 rounds had been fired into the bodies, Weinstein said.

After the initial shots were fired, one or two SEALs entered the raft, where more shots were fired at the pirates. The story gets even messier after that. Apparently, $30,000 in cash was on the lifeboat at the time and was never recovered. The SEALs were polygraphed after the incident, but the money never turned up. 

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