Nebraska StarTran Bus Driver Beats the Piss Out of Passenger, Tosses Guy Off Bus

According to the Journal Star

Troy Fischer, 43, punches the 40-year-old man 18 times in the video while the bus was at 84th and O streets March 23. He then throws the passenger to the floor, before dragging him out of the bus as the man holds onto the door. Fischer leaves the man in the eastbound lane of O Street and takes off, making a left-hand turn into the Southeast Community College campus.

“I put him off the bus,” he tells his supervisor over the radio in the video shot by cameras on the bus. “It wasn't pretty.”

Before throwing punches, Esposito said Fischer called his supervisor to say he had a difficult passenger. The supervisor advised Fischer to tell the passenger to get off the bus or he would contact police. Esposito said he ignored that instruction and called the supervisor back after the alleged assault.

“His directions were blatantly ignored,” Esposito said. “He took matters into his own hands.”

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