Man Threatens Neighbor With Samurai Sword, But He’s The One Who Gets Knocked Out COLD

The Samurai were fearsome warriors that began serving the great lords of feudal Japan as far back as the 7th century and went on to control the country around the 12th century under the shogunate dictatorship and were in power until 1876 A.D. when Emperor Meiji declared a new law that outlawed the wearing of swords. These formidable fighters were thoroughly trained in jujitsu and kendo, and were heavily steeped in stringent discipline, ancient traditions and honor. They were also known for their long swords called “katanas.” The katana is a curved, slender, single-edged blade that is to be used with two hands. Despite this gentleman in the video having a katana in his possession, he does not appear to be trained in the ways of the Samurai warrior, and he will regret that.

We don’t take you to ancient Japan, but to modern-day Providence, Rhode Island where a fight erupts. A woman and shirtless man have beef with their neighbors and they air their grievances. Things escalate to the point where the shirtless man is holding a samurai sword and both sides are threatening each other.

“You ain’t knocking nobody the fuck out,” declares the gentleman with the samurai sword. He then proceeds to call the hefty man “Fat Albert” (Which could be a compliment since he himself is wearing Fat Albert jorts), but in my humble opinion he looks more like Fat Joe, but I digress. The samurai sword-wielding man puts down his katana so that he can attack… his own face. He begins to slap himself silly, but unfortunately for him it would not be the hardest hit he would take to the face.

At the 1:57 mark of the video, it jumps ahead in time to the actual fight and shit got real. Five people on Team Fat Joe jump the couple in the middle of the street. The shirtless man forgot his samurai sword and that was big mistake since he got obliterated by several punches to the head and then knocked out with a vicious kick to the face. For over a minute the man lay unconscious on the ground. The video fittingly ends with one intrepid videographer going right up to the face of the downed man, pointing at him and yelling, “Yo dawg! You got knocked the fuck out!”

Lesson learned, having a samurai sword doesn’t do shit when it’s laying on the porch and you get jumped by three guys in the street.