This Neighbor Spraying a Drunk in the Dick with a Hose Is the Best ‘Get Off My Lawn’ Moment of All-Time

by 4 years ago

When you’re sober there’s no easy way to communicate with aggressive drunks. They’re nonsensical, stubborn and all-around annoying as shit. However this gentleman handled an intoxicated neighbor who trespassed into his yard, in the same manner that a pet owner disciplines a new kitten; spray him with water. Rocking a sweet Dennis Eckersly stache and feathered hairdo this drunkard dressed in pajama pants and GoldToe socks refuses to get off his neighbor’s property. So the cameraman squirts him with a garden hose. When he refused to leave he thoroughly douses him with water causing him to fall to the ground. After getting bored with spraying him in the face, he sprays him right in the dick. After once again urging the trespasser to leave his yard, the drunkard responds with, “Isn’t it your mom’s yard?” One point for the drunk dude! Then the hoser speaks in internet memes, “Go home, you’re drunk,” to which pajama man perfectly replies, “Of course I’m drunk.” Another point for drunky! The plastered man finally throws up the white flag and retreats home to most likely guzzle another three bottles of MadDog 20/20.

Nothing like handling disputes with your neighbors in the same fashion as cross-dressing serial killers.


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