You Thought Your Neighbors Sucked But They’re Normal Compared To These Two Lunatics



Everyone has an experience with awful neighbors. I’ll share mine — at my first place, I lived on the bottom floor, and above me was an overweight toddler with a huge anger issue. He’d wake up at 5am every day, spend the morning doing sprints up and down his bedroom (above my bedroom) and scream on the front porch while smashing metal toys against the porch railing.

And Jesus forbid his mother did let him do sprints or smash the bars — the kid lost his damn mind.

It was living below a Rikers Island prisoner with a love of Devil Dogs. It was also hard to yell at the kid because it wasn’t really his fault. It was tough to yell at the mom because every day she looked as though she just fought a war she has no way of winning. So, I just bought ear plugs.

These neighbors from hell look much more dangerous. I never thought the kid living above me was a threat to kill another human. These two people look like they’re a second away from murder. Probably because the lady in the truck almost does kill the guy on the Rascal.

The YouTube description says this is a “common weekly occurrence with this insane neighbor. She throws things, beats her boyfriend, drives into stuff. All time day and night. When she backed up the first time in this video she hit my car.”

I’d take the sprinter porker over these two freaks any day.