Dude Plays ‘Never-Have-I-Ever’ With His Parents And BOOM! Questions About Bootyholes And Threesomes

Think you have a close-knit and open relationship with your parents? Well I won’t believe you until you play a painfully revealing game of “Never-Have-I-Ever.” This gentleman is so confident in his relationship with his beloved mother and dear ole dad that he plays the game of confessions even when things turn highly sexual.

The YouTube channel KSI, which boasts over 12 million subscribers, played a hilarious game of “Never-Have-I-Ever.” Right out of the gate this brave fella is asking his mother and father if they have ever eaten ass. To make matters worse, his parentals don’t understand the concept of a bootyhole lunch and he not only has to explain it, but also perform it.

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Nice technique sir.

Then the two people who brought him into this world were asked if they had ever caught their son masturbating. Dad puts up the “I Have Not” sign. Mom raises her “I Have” sign. The real question is did the son look his mom in the eyes and finish?

The son gets his revenge when the question is asked, “Never-Have-I-Ever seen my mom and dad have sex,” and he says yes to his mum’s chagrin.

When the “Have you ever had sex in a car” question is popped, son shows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as he and his dad both said they both have had some backseat loving. But mom did not, making things rather uncomfortable, much like banging in the backseat.

We learn that none of the family members got head at school, but they all sniffed their fingers after having a poo. The family that smells their fingers after shitting together stays together.

Both males of the family said they did receive blowjobs. The mom said she never gave a blowie, but dad is quick to set the record straight by saying, “She has.” That blew up in her face.

The son gives his dad real respect when he admits that he had a threesome, mom was not as ecstatic about the revelation and shot him daggers with her eyes.

Mom and dad have never done the “dab” whilst having sex or sent nudes, but junior has. Kudos to that young man.

This was all good fun, but I think his viral video is going to cause his parents to get divorced.