You’ll Never Leave A Toilet Seat Up Again After This NatGeo Video Shows What’s Been Crawling Up Your Pipes

by 3 years ago

Scratch…scratch scratch….tk tk tk…

What’s that sound? ….Probably nothing. Whatever, looks like it’s time for me to take a dump!

*Sits down on toilet*

*Begins to take dump*

*Cue screams as GIANT SEWER TOILET RAT bursts up through toilet pipes and into your rectum*

*Cue death as GIANT SEWER TOILET RAT devours you from the inside out*

The GIANT SEWER TOILET RAT now inhabits your body and is a sentient being, going about its day pretending to be you, kissing your wife, your girlfriend, working your job and driving your car, while the you that you used to be is now dead.

And that’s what happens when you leave the toilet seat up.

[H/T National Geographic]

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