Bro Blows Through Toll Booth Every Day Without Paying — Dad Gets $18K Bill In Mail

Ever walk into the house and just feel like the shit was going to hit the fan. You know you did something and your parents are ready to unload on your ass for being so stupid.

A Washington dad got an $18K bill in the mail from the state’s Good To Go office because his kid had been blowing through a toll for months without dropping a dime.

Tom Rose of Poulsbo says his son, who just got his first job, crossed the 520 bridge in Seattle every day for work, but neglected to open a Good To Go pass account to pay the tolls.

“He thought he’d be bill later for it,” said Rose.”He was living hand to mouth. He thought he … could save up and pay for them later.”

Rose says his son never received a bill. He learned the total of what he owed when he tried to sell his car. The tab was more than $18,000 — $1,360 in tolls and more than $16,000 in penalties.

Ok, hang on, even if they were going to “bill him later” didn’t the kid think “I’ve been through this booth a ton of times, my bill must be getting REALLY high” but I guess I’m asking too much of a moron. The DOT claims they sent numerous bills to the family but all were returned.

Obviously dad is going to try and fight the charges but they’re pretty much SOL in that department.

When father and son contacted the state’s Good To Go office, they were told they could seek recourse before an administrative judge, but it probably wouldn’t do them any good. “They need to pay their tolls. We all need to do our part,” Rose said. “But to not have a proper recourse, and not have the administrative process correct, is really an affront. It’s almost an abuse.”

That kid is going to have to take a second job to pay for those charges. Hopefully he won’t have to cross the bridge to get to it.

[H/T: USA Today]

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