This Elderly Woman Dressed As A Nun Proves You’re Never Too Old For A Dick Joke

Dick jokes are the best, there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you’re looking for a good laugh just seek out the nearest dick joke, and if you’re looking to make a crowd erupt with laughter all you need to do is bust out your best dick joke gag. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, dicks jokes are always the best.

Don’t believe me? Just check out this old woman dressed as a nun. I’m guessing this is either from Carnival or Mardi Gras (which are basically the same thing). Just watch this video (GIF below) and tell me that there’s something funnier than dick jokes, because there’s not:

And now for the GIF, because I know some of you out there are just too busy to watch videos, even when the video is only 28 seconds long:

And for the record, I’m not certain that she’s merely ‘dressed as a nun’. For all I know this woman could genuinely be a nun, and if she is I don’t want to take away from her devotion to the faith just because silly ol’ me thinks a nun isn’t capable of pulling off a hilarious dick joke gag.

Either way, I want to send a big shout out to this old lady for keeping her humor intact.

[Gfycat via YouTube]

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