Nevermind Guys! Four Loko is Here to Stay

PRANKED YA! If by pranked I mean accidentally passed on incorrect information to you the readers, which I do, because it is me writing this.

So… yesterday I read a story by DNAInfo about Phusion agreeing to stop producing its infamous bev, FourLoko.

That story was, as we say in the journalism biz, factually inaccurate. And Four Loko almost immediately tweeted that they weren’t leaving the intoxicatin’ spirits game.

OOPS. The ruling yesterday simply barred FourLoko from advertising to underage kids (because that’s illegal) and on college campuses. I don’t know where the mix up came from (it came from me not checking the veracity of a story I found online).

FourLoko also emailed me to tell me my story implied they were still selling the hyper-caffeinated version of the drink (I don’t think it did). Even so, let me correct that, per their words.

The agreement also notes Phusion’s decision several years ago, in 2010, to reformulate Four Loko to remove caffeine, as well as guarana and taurine. Today, Four Loko products without caffeine, guarana, or taurine are sold in 48 states and will continue to be available to consumers.

But don’t worry kids, just because they can’t sell you caffeine-laced booze doesn’t mean Phusion thinks you should stop slamming the Red Bull and Vodkas.

 Phusion continues to believe, however, as do many people throughout the world, that the combination of alcohol and caffeine can be consumed safely and responsibly.

Right on, brand. Right on.