New Apple Store In Chicago Has A Humongous MacBook For A Roof (VIDEO)

by 1 year ago

The new Apple store in Chicago is under construction and it may look very, very familiar. Not because it will resemble the Apple store in New York City, but rather because the carbon fiber roof on the new Apple store in Chicago is a giant MacBook because marketing or something. That’s right, the upcoming retail space on the north bank of the Chicago River has a humungous laptop for its roof. Which will have Apple enthusiasts screaming, “FINALLY! A waterproof MacBook!”

On Thursday, the new 20,000-square-foot Apple location was fitted with a curved, metallic roof that of course featured a huge, white Apple logo smack dab in the middle. I’m sure that the roof will totally not look completely outdated in 15 years. The store will have all-glass walls ranging between 14 to 32 feet in height. The store will look similar to the San Francisco store that opened last year, including a video wall and an outdoor gathering space called “The Forum.” The new store will replace the old flagship store that opened in 2003 and is at 679 N. Michigan Ave. Too bad that they’ll have to demolish the building and replace it next year with a newer model that has minimal upgrades.


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