This New Audi Technology Looks Like The Time I Stared At A Lava Lamp While Tripping My Balls Off

Your pupils have expanded to the size of silver dollars. The world around you is moving faster than your drug addled mind can comprehend. You reach for that glass of orange juice as you stare deep into the lava lamp and let the acid take the driver’s seat….You, my bro, you are one heady trip away from becoming a designer for Audi Motors.

By looking at this swimming display of psychedelic red that’s masquerading as brake lights, it’s obvious the only way to come up with something so magnificent is a good, hard acid trip (or mescaline, whatever). I’m convinced the Audi designers took a page out of the ol’ Steve Jobs playbook when they got to theorizing their new OLED technology:

Movements of the red dots take their orientation from movements of the car. When a right turn is made, they flow to the right; when the car is braked they flow more dynamically and diffusely. The faster the car is going, the faster they move. The driver in the car behind can thus always tell at a glance what the driver ahead is doing.

Absolutely incredible:

Bros, the future is now. And we live in a beautiful world. Soak it up while it lasts, because sooner or later we’ll all be riding these things around: