New LinkedIn Feature Helps You Find A Job Without Letting Your Boss Know You’re Looking For A New Job

Are you stuck at some dead-end job? You want to look for a new job, but you don’t want to tip off your boss that you want to get the fuck outta your shitty job. LinkedIn understands. The employment-oriented social networking service rolled out a new feature that allows you to clandestinely search for a new job.

The new feature that allows you to tell recruiters that you’re interested in finding a new job, and the best part is that your boss won’t find out. It’s called Open Candidate, and it notifies recruiters that you are interested in potential opportunities. But, it will block recruiters at your company from seeing that you are desperately seeking new employment to flee your crummy current job.

The option allows you to select specifics as to what type of job you are looking for, what city you want to work in, and the ability to write a short message to potential recruiters.

“It’s really a way for a person to signal to the recruiting community that they’re on the market and share a few things about what would be compelling to them,” says Dan Shapero, director of product management for LinkedIn Careers.

So get out there and find your dream job!