Crazy Guy With A Knife Tries To Break Up Street Performance In New Orleans, Gets KTFO And Subdued

Now I don’t want to speculate too much over why this person tried to break up that performance with a knife in his hand before getting KTFO, but I’m guessing there was at least a tiny measure of mental instability going on here (or drugs, quite possibly drugs). Also, if the guys dancing here look familiar it’s because you might have once seen them on America’s Got Talent. They go by the name of ‘Dragon Master Showcase’, and they’re a NOLA fixture these days.

As far as ‘attack videos’ go this one is rather unorthodox. I mean, you’ve got the crazy person with the knife who up until the moment he got KTFO the only abnormal behavior he’d displayed was walking through the crowd with a knife. That is some batshit crazy behavior, but I can’t help but recognize the fact that it was unclear what he was planning to do. With that said, I DO think that the street performer handled the situation properly. The crazy person had an exposed knife in the middle of the crowd and was lurking eerily during the street performance, SOMETHING was about to go down. So the dancer steps in, knocks him back into yesterday, and they separate the potential attacker from his knife. All’s well that ends well, right?

Anyways, if you want more from Dragon Master Showcase (as seen on ‘AGT’) you can CLICK HERE to see more of their videos, but before you leave I HIGHLY SUGGEST you watch that video down below because it’s funny as fuck.

h/t YouTube Savva Kowalski