Is This New, Sketchy Video Definitive Proof The Loch Ness Monster Exists?

I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to be seeing in this new video, but it apparently is intriguing enough for the Daily Mail to report on.

I guess it’s that bubble right there in the middle. That could be caused by I assume the wind or a regular fish or the fucking Loch Ness Monster itself rising up above the surface for a quick glance around before diving deep into the depths of the loch, ne’er to be seen a’gain?

That’s what Consuela Ross is claiming. She was walking the banks of Loch Ness when she saw the monster peek out about the ripply surface of the inky black waters. But by the time she grabbed her camera, it had already plunged down below.

A likely story, indeed.

She filmed the aftermath, though, and this video could COULD definitely prove the Loch Ness Monster exists. But it’s also just as likely to prove Cheese-Its are made from alien bones.

What I’m saying is it is somewhat inconclusive.

Here’s what Ross had to say about the encounter.

Consuela told the Daily Record: ‘She said it looked like a big black belly. We looked and could see this big disturbance quite a way out and this big black object in the middle of it.’

‘We were so mesmerised, we didn’t immediately think of taking pictures although we had the cameras in our hands.’

‘By the time we realised what we were seeing and began filming and snapping away, the object had sank virtually out of sight and moved away further into the loch, leaving behind a perfect circle of water – like a whirlpool.

Yea okay jack off motion.

I want to believe. But this one ain’t it.