New York City’s Most Insufferable Performance Artist Is This Fella Named Kalan

Anyone who draws attention to himself in a subway station is pretty terrible, if only because you can’t be heard in an environment as loud as a fighter jet flown by Gilbert Gottfried without being even louder and even more attention-seeking than a barely-working 6 train. You’re forced to play “Wipeout” on trashcan drums, or dress like an idiot and invade some poor dudes’ personal space, just to be seen at all.

Like Kalan, New York City’s most insufferable performance artist.

Today, Gothamist profiled Kalan, who likes to “do weird stuff in public,” and “act like an insane person,” in his natural habitat of the Bedford Avenue subway station, and I’m left after watching the video unsure if he’s parodying performance art or if he’s actually just the worst human being you could ever encounter if you’re a poor sap trying to get to work/a bar.

Whatever the case, here’s… Sir Kalan, the master of jazz hands.

[H/T: Gothamist]