News Reporter Interviews Man Who Sounds EXACTLY Like Herbert The Pervert From ‘Family Guy’ And It’s Creepy

Imagine having the exact same voice of a famous movie star or TV personality. How awesome would that be!?!? You could do funny impressions of the celebrity to crack your friends up or make crank phone calls in the voice. That would be dope! Unless the voice of the famous person that you sound like is an infamous pedophile.

That was the case for a man named Charles Womack, who was cursed with the voice of Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy. The story gets weirder and creepier because Womack is the owner of a swimming hole where young people go and it is called the “Blue Cove Hideaway.” Ummm. To boot, two young men died at the Blue Cove Hideaway. Okay, that’s kinda eerie.

“It is a dangerous place,” says Joe Sheriff Guy. “We’ve spoken with Mr Womac many times about the way he operates. It is filthy, and I see no regard for the safety of the people he allows to camp and swim here. This is the second death in a year, and I fear there will be more deaths, injuries, and other criminal activity.”

Womack’s voice is such a dead ringer for the cartoon sex offender that I got skeeved out just seeing and hearing him talk.

In case you forgot what Herbert sounds like.

Now here is Mr. Womack AKA Herbert IRL.

(1:10 and 1:24 mark for those of you with busy lifestyles)

So creepy.