Local News Reporter Has The PERFECT Comeback To Guy Who Drops A ‘FHRITP’ Live On The Air

Joe Galli FHRITP response

YouTube - Cactus Hugs

First off, is “FHRITP” really still a thing? Seriously? Perhaps this local news reporter and his epic comeback will finally put the nail in the coffin of that dying meme. Because it was pretty impressive.

Reporter Joe Galli was just doing the usual Thanksgiving fluff piece at the Westfield Palm Desert Mall last Thursday when some genius decided to break out one last “F–k her right the pussy.”

Galli, obviously being awesome, responded with pretty much the best answer one could give if you are live on the air: “That’s exactly what I did with your mother, buddy.”

Meet your new Thanksgiving hero.

H/T Cactus Hugs

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