Controversial YouTuber Nicole Arbour Has A New Rant About The Syrian Refugee Crisis

by 5 years ago

I’ve come to really admire Nicole Arbour. Her YouTube op-eds make her a walking tinder box. She knows how to kick the proverbial beehive. I like people like that.

I’m not sure she really believes everything she says on YouTube, but she sure as hell knows how to light the Internet on fire. Like the one on threesomes? Gold. Or the one on how fat people should just stop eating? Or abortion? She is literally a walking master class on trolling and getting incendiary reactions out of people.

Today Arbour is striking a nerve with her video on the Syrian refugee crisis. But if you were expecting her to be like “derpa! derpa! derpa! keep ’em out!!!,” you’re dead wrong. Her thesis, after asking “Hey, refugees, you guys aren’t trying to suck dick or work bottle service, are you?”

“They aren’t coming for a vacation. They live in a f*cking war zone.”

This isn’t exactly a popular opinion in some circles. Many circles, actually.



But many, many others totally agree with her:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.39.15 PM


So can we all agree to like her again? Or is she totally off-base? Your reactions in the comments, Bros.

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