This Device Will Turn Any Dude’s iPhone Into A Gameboy

Just a couple days ago the dudes over at Reddit were going off about the ‘leaked’ concept plans for a device that could turn anyone’s iPhone into a Gameboy. Consider the possibility of living in a world where you could fearlessly game on the go without having to worry about circulating a fresh team of AA batteries every now and again to ensure you didn’t lose your spot–or like battle three fucking gym leaders in Pokemon Blue before getting to save. Pretty fucking game-changing (literally..) if you ask me.

Many ‘a time, I’ve frequented used video game stores with hopes to find a decent priced, inevitably well-used Gameboy/SP/DS/whatever with a decent collection of games available for purchase. Real talk, I almost always leave empty-handed because many of those devices are overpriced as fuck; and the stores that have ’em in stock are often ran by emaciated, snobbish, hobobearded shop owners hopped up on lines of Cheeto dust and shooters of Code Red Mountain Dew that just won’t negotiate. At long last it seems the power’s set to return to the people.

A press release from Hyperkin states what was originally intended as an April Fool’s Joke (uh, way too far) is ‘now a full-fledged project for consumer release.’ Nice save Hyperkin, nice indeed. The aptly named ‘Smartboy’ device from Hyperkin is an attachment for your iPhone 6 Plus that will allow anyone to insert Gameboy cartridges. This will grant us the glorious chance to relive all the days of our youth (or maybe like me you still fuck with Pokemon Blue/Yellow often as possible) with a high-quality screen, and no damn AA batteries.

Hyperkin’s still pretty early just yet in the development process for the Smartboy. They want to include some upgraded, modern features like a built-in battery for binge play sessions, and run the actual technology through an app that will provide a vast cheat codes database, and save states. There’s no release day listed yet, but hell if any bro out there who devoted himself with a cult-like worship to extended hours on the Gameboy should be fired up.

[H/T: The Daily Dot]