NJ Man Wakes Up and Discovers He’d Been Stabbed the Night Before

Sound improbable, yes, that that could be the source of your pain. But it's not impossible. How do I know this? Because it just happened. Via Gothamist:

A Trenton, New Jersey man says he was stabbed in the back outside his home early Sunday morning, but he didn't realize it until after he went to bed and woke up ten hours later.

Alcohol was most certainly a factor, police said. As I hope. You would be really bad at being a person if you weren't able to perceive you were stabbed when completely sober. So… what happened? 

The unidentified man told police he was having a smoke outside his North Clinton Avenue home at approximately 2 a.m. when a man he did not know approached and asked him for a light. The victim had been drinking, and the request quickly escalated into an altercation.

How? Oh, right. We are in New Jersey. The man asking for a light probably disrespected him. “Do I look like the kind of guy who lends matches to anyone. Fuck you.”

The guy who attacked him ran off, and the man returned to his house, saying he didn't feel the need to chase. Hours later, the man, who remains unidentified, woke up to find a five-inch knife blade still inside him. From NJ.com 

Police officers were called to the man’s home around noon Sunday and confirmed there was a five-inch knife blade stuck in the victim’s back… The victim was taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center to have the blade removed. 

At least it's gone now.

[Man with knife via Shutterstock]